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The Brookings Cafeteria

Mar 4, 2016


Qutaiba Idlbi, a Syrian refugee and activist, and Robert L. McKenzie, a Brookings visiting fellow and  expert on the Middle East and North Africa, discuss the Syrian crisis from a personal and public policy perspective.

In this podcast, Idlbi shares his own experience participating in the Syrian revolution as it began and the repercussions for him and his family. McKenzie also provides feedback on the crisis from a policy perspective and the role that the United States should play in accepting refugees.

“Getting arrested is worse than getting killed because when you are arrested you wish you could get killed every moment you are in prison because of how much you are tortured,” Idlbi says about his experience in Syria. McKenzie says that, “There is no question that the Syrian crisis is the defining crisis of our time. It is a complex emergency that is ongoing.”

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Also, Senior Fellow Elaine Kamarck gives her assessment of what happened on Super Tuesday, and looks ahead to the continuing presidential primary contest.

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