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The Brookings Cafeteria

Nov 5, 2020

It’s three o’clock PM on the East Coast of the United States, two days after the end of voting in the 2020 presidential election. The country is anxiously watching as ballots are counted in Nevada, New Mexico, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania to see whether Donald Trump is re-elected, or Joe Biden becomes the president elect. By the time you hear this episode, the situation may have changed dramatically, but we still wanted to talk to one of our leading experts on politics and campaigns about what happened in the election, and what happens next. So, Elaine Kamarck, senior fellow in Governance Studies at Brookings and founding director of the Center for Effective Public Management, joins the program to talk about what surprised her on Tuesday, what the next steps in the process are, and what happens in a presidential transition. Subscribe to Brookings podcasts on iTunes, send feedback email to, and follow us and tweet us at @policypodcasts on Twitter. The Brookings Cafeteria is part of the Brookings Podcast Network.