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The Brookings Cafeteria

Feb 17, 2017

Alice Rivlin, a senior fellow in Economic Studies and the Center for Health Policy, addresses the claim that the Affordable Care Act is "collapsing," and provides her expert analysis on what actions the new administration and Congress should take on health care.

Also in this episode, Jonathan Sallet, a visiting fellow in Governance Studies, discusses why became a scholar after serving in government on our Coffee Break segment. He explains why the idea of "truth" is most critical to preserving democracy, and why he considers it a pressing issue of our time.

Finally, in our Metro Lens segment, Elizabeth Kneebone, fellow at the Metropolitan Policy Program, explains how EITC aids low-income Americans.

Thanks to audio producer Gaston Reboredo and producer Vanessa Sauter, and also thanks for additional support from Eric Abalahin, Jessica Pavone, Nawal Atallah, Kelly Russo, and Rebecca Viser.

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