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The Brookings Cafeteria

Oct 7, 2016

Fredrick C. Harris, nonresident senior fellow in Governance Studies and director of the Center on African American Politics and Society at Columbia University, and guest interviewer Adrianna Pita, host of the Intersections podcast, discuss the history of African-American participation in politics and how minority turnout might affect the results of this year’s presidential election.

Also in this episode, Elaine Kamarck, senior fellow in Governance Studies and author of a new paper titled, “The relationship that rules the world: Modern presidents and their vice presidents,” analyzes the recent vice presidential debate and the role of vice presidents.

This episode also includes an excerpt from an episode of Brookings’s Elections 101 Video Series in which John Hudak, deputy director of the Center for Effective Public Management and senior fellow in Governance Studies, explains the importance of swing states.

Finally, Joseph Parilla, fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program, talks about globalization and urbanization in China.

Thanks to audio producer Gaston Reboredo and producer Vanessa Sauter, and also thanks for additional support from Eric Abalahin, Jessica Pavone, Nawal Atallah, Basseem Maleki, and Rebecca Viser.

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