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The Brookings Cafeteria

Apr 16, 2021

Infrastructure is front and center in the Washington DC policy debate, and with President Biden’s 2.3 trillion dollar proposal on the table, this won't be another so-called infrastructure week that comes and goes with a chuckle but no action. On this episode of the Brookings Cafeteria, Adie Tomer, the co-author of a deeply important report on how to address America’s infrastructure challenges and opportunities, talks about what it means to not just rebuild infrastructure, but to REIMAGINE it. Adie Tomer is a fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program and, along with Joseph Kane and Caroline George a co-author of “Rebuild with purpose: An affirmative vision for 21st century American infrastructure.”

Also on this episode, Global Economy and Development Senior Fellow Homi Kharas presents a new Sustainable Development Spotlight, in which he discusses the problem of debt crises in developing countries.

Show notes and transcript: 

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