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The Brookings Cafeteria

Nov 19, 2015

Daniel Byman, an expert on counterterrorism and Middle East Security, and research director for the Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings, explains what we know and don’t know about the ISIS terrorist attack in Paris and whether he thinks ISIS will strike the U.S.

Also, part two of our Paris climate talk series...

Nov 13, 2015

Timmons Roberts, nonresident senior fellow at Brookings and Ittleson Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology at Brown University discusses climate change and the upcoming global climate talks in Paris.

 “Scientists are telling us,” Roberts says, “that about 2 degrees Celsius is about the highest limit to...

Nov 6, 2015

This week, Elaine Kamarck talks presidential primaries, congressional primaries, and the problems facing our current nominating system. She also offers predictions on the likely GOP and Democratic presidential nominees. Listen to find out who she’s tapped to win.

“Political parties are incredibly important,” says...