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The Brookings Cafeteria

May 21, 2014

Economic issues are prolific in the public sphere, from taxes and inequality, to jobs and productivity and more. Even Thomas Piketty's book on wealth distribution is now a bestseller. How can a person make sense of the terms and of the discussion? One way is to talk to an economist, like Gary Burtless, a senior fellow in the Economic Studies Program at Brookings. In this podcast, he offers his expertise to explain issues such as middle-class income gains, wealth distribution and Piketty's book in ways that both surprise and enlighten.

Show notes:

• Income Growth and Income Inequality: The Facts May Surprise You
• Big Payroll Gains and Anemic Labor Force Growth
• Potential Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Income Inequality
• Impact of the Great Recession on Retirement Trends in Industrialized Countries
• Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center