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The Brookings Cafeteria

Feb 28, 2020

Andre Perry, a fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings is the co-author of a new report that shows that highly rated businesses in Black-majority neighborhoods experience annual losses in business revenue of up to nearly four billion dollars when compared to highly-rated businesses in other neighborhoods. On this episode, he talks about the report’s findings.

The report is titled "Five-star reviews, one-star profits: The devaluation of businesses in Black communities," co-authored by David Harshbarger—who is a research analysist at Brookings—and Gallup principle economist Jonathan Rothwell

Also on this episode, Senior Fellow Elaine Kamarck answers a student’s question about the role of sexism in America’s politics and whether we’ll ever have a woman president. This is part of the ongoing Policy 2020 Ask an Expert feature.

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