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The Brookings Cafeteria

Apr 22, 2016

Jenny Perlman Robinson, a nonresident fellow in the Center for Universal Education, and Rebecca Winthrop, a senior fellow and director of the Center for Universal Education, discuss a new report: Millions learning: Scaling up quality education in developing countries.

In this podcast, Robinson and Winthrop discuss the state of children’s education around the world while highlighting some cases that show how the quality and reach of children’s education can be improved.

“Nine out of 10 kids in the world is in primary school, but there is still a lot to be done,” Winthrop says. “A lot of kids are dropping out before they finish secondary school. 75% percent of girls in Sub-Saharan Africa enter primary school but only 8% finish secondary school.”

Also in this podcast a Coffee Break with Paul Ginsburg, director of the Health Policy Center and an interview with author Malcolm Sparrow on his new book, "Handcuffed: What Holds Policing Back, and the Keys to Reform."

Show Notes:

Millions learning: Scaling up quality education in developing countries

Getting millions to learn: The impact of Sesame Street around the world

Why developing countries must focus on getting millions to learn

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